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Important air conditioning inspection compliance changes from
6th April 2012 – are you affected?

6th April 2012
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Lodgement of independent (not part of maintenance) air conditioning inspection reports (TM44) with the government database will be mandatory in England and Wales from 6th April 2012 (regulations state that air-conditioning systems installed before 1st January 2008, where the effective rated output per building is more than 12kW the first inspection must happen by 4 January 2011).

The UK Department for Communities and Local Government says:

"Making lodgement of air conditioning reports on the England and Wales non-domestic EPC register mandatory would improve compliance with the need for inspections to be carried out. It would also provide better information to support policy making and the development of appropriate and effective responses by Government, researchers and business to improving the energy efficiency of buildings.
A central record would also enable Trading Standards Officers to enforce more effectively the requirements of the regulations."

This is part of the changes made to the regulations following the three years since their introduction across Europe. The revision also makes changes to the reporting templates produced by the Department for Communities and Local Government for the production of reports in England and Wales. These new templates are also for statutory lodgement of air conditioning inspection reports, required in England and Wales.

With electricity costs being a significant and rising overhead on commercial property, owners and tenants need to look at energy efficiency to cut bills. Roger Lawrie, partner at Envitae who specialise in energy compliance, points out that air conditioning can account for up to 50% of a buildings energy consumption and many businesses are unaware that legislation requires systems with cumulative output over 12kW to be independently inspected by 4th January 2011. Compulsory on systems outputting over 250kW since January 2009, this must be carried out by a government approved energy assessor and is additional to any other service or maintenance. Mr Lawrie goes on to say that assessors are finding that inspection reports make recommendations that in most cases will save energy.

Working together with their partners, Envitae are the largest independent specialist in the UK, customers include brands like H Samuel, Thorntons and Laura Ashley. Service levels are widely recognised and their fees are among the lowest in the industry. Their engineers are trained and familiar with the latest CLG software for lodgement.

Businesses are concerned not just to meet legal compliance and avoid fines for not doing so, but to protect their green credentials and protect their brand!

So far, all clients who have instructed Envitae on a portfolio, found the inspection, acting as an independent audit, reveals unbiased and useful information they were unaware of. Work has proved that savings are made by independent checks on the condition of systems, quality of maintenance previously undertaken, improved asset information (including where restricted R22 gas is present) and subsequent energy savings.

If you are affected – act today, as every day passing costs you more in energy and CO2 emissions!
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