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Midland landlords risk £5,000 fine

19th February 2009
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With shop closures increasing and a number of offices and business premises standing empty, many commercial landlords are having a tough time in our region. Rates for most empty premises still have to be paid in full after 3 months, that coupled with the current slow down in selling and letting commercial property means that many Midlands owners are risking heavy fines by not obtaining an energy performance certificate before starting to market a property.

"The solicitors and commercial agents we work with say they advise clients of the need to obtain an energy performance certificate at the outset, but many landlords leave it until they have a prospective buyer or tenant." said Roger Lawrie, partner at energy compliance specialist Envitae. The penalty is a fine of up to £5,000. Having paid the fine the energy performance certificate is still required and the fine can be reapplied if one is not obtained. Roger also said "Trading Standards state the need to achieve regulatory compliance. So a fine and the stigma attached to appearing not to care about our environment means it's not worth the risk, especially as the energy performance certificate lasts for 10 years."

Written by Roger Lawrie, Envitae.
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