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Climate change – you can make a difference in 2010

25th January 2010
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We wring our hands and blame the politicians for their failure to make the changes needed to reduce CO2 emissions by not reaching agreement in Copenhagen, but all change starts in a very small way, a way we must all play our part in. "Now is the time for each of us to accept full responsibility for the way our behaviour affects the environment, not just wait for others to change" said Roger Lawrie, partner at Envitae who provide advice and solutions for energy compliance for commercial property. "This means corporate business and every one of us as individuals can no longer carry on as if the future of our planet is somebody else's problem." he added.

If you own or manage property, what have you done to check and reduce your buildings carbon footprint?

Getting an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) may be a good starting point, after all, if you plan to sell or rent in the future you will probably need one to comply with the law anyway (it's valid for 10 years). Part of your EPC is a Recommendation Report containing ways to improve the energy performance of your building and if commercial, an estimate of the payback period. With a requirement for most Air conditioning systems over 12kW to be independently inspected by January 2011 (valid for 5 years), this is another way to check and improve energy performance and make potential savings. So you can be socially responsible, make your property more attractive to buyers or tenants and save money at the same time.

We all have a responsibility to safeguard the environment for our children.

Written by Roger Lawrie, Envitae.   Published in PR Log.
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