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Retailers deadline for green checks

30th December 2008
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With the failure of a number of high profile retailers including MFI, Woolworths, Zavvi and now Adams Kids, many prime retail sites will become available for occupancy. European regulations mean commercial property for sale or rent must have an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) by 4th January 2009 and large air conditioned systems must also have been officially inspected by this date. Research has shown that many commercial property owners and managers are not aware of this legislation deadline. Roger Lawrie, Partner of Envitae, providers of solutions for energy compliance said "Owners or their Managing Agents risk fines, damaging their green credentials and miss the opportunity of making their property more appealing for sale or rent." He added "The potential for energy saving here is huge, this sector accounts for around 14% of the UK's total energy consumption, that's why the government has introduced these measures as part of their commitment to cut CO2 emissions." There is a shortage of qualified assessors, so Landlords and their agents need to act immediately, Envitae can help by offering free advice and arranging EPCs or air conditioning inspection.

Except for temporary buildings, places of worship, stand-alone buildings less than 50m2 and workshops with low-energy demand, all non-dwellings constructed, sold or let must have an EPC by 4th January 2009, valid for 10 years. Those responsible for air conditioning systems over 250kW installed before 2008 must have their first inspection by 4th January 2009 this is valid for 5 years. Further information is available from Envitae at info@envitae.co.uk, or the government's website www.communities.gov.uk
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