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"Climate change and the impact that it will have on key industries such as agriculture, tourism, energy, transport and insurance, is as important as interest rate risk and exchange risk."
Henri de Castries, Chairman of the Management Board and Chief Executive of AXA

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air conditioning inspection

Air conditioning systems can account for 50% of the energy used in a building, and are therefore specifically targeted in the new environmental legislation, the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD). Envitae can help you comply with this aspect of EPBD and the new Energy Performance of Buildings Regulations. We can advise on legal requirements and arrange independent inspection of air conditioning systems in accordance with TM44 or equivalent. TM44 is a guidance document produced by the Chartered Institute of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE), to ensure that air conditioning inspection conforms to government legislation and is carried out in a consistent way. Independent inspection is required in addition to any current air conditioning repair, air conditioning servicing or maintenance.

The aims of the inspection are to:
  • Provide building owners/operators with information about system performance, and
  • Identify opportunities to reduce your CO2 emissions and save energy and money
Air conditioning inspections are being used to assist in reducing carbon emissions and limit affects on climate change.

The outcome of an air conditioning inspection will be a report highlighting measures, which if adopted, will have the potential to save energy and money within a reasonable payback period. Our Assessors tell us that they typically identify more savings in the system than the cost of the inspection. Inspection reports will remain valid for five years, after which the air conditioning system will require another inspection.

Those responsible for commercial air conditioning systems over 250kW installed before 2008, must have had their first inspection carried out before 4th January 2009, systems between 12kW and 250kW will require inspection by 4th January 2011. This is the legal responsibility of the building owner or manager who controls the air conditioning system, so importantly, it could be part of the tenants duty.

Inspection of air conditioning under TM44. is additional to any usual air conditioning maintenance, air conditioning repair or servicing and independent of any work normally carried out by air conditioning contractors.

Envitae can advise on EPBD legislation and arrange an air conditioning inspection by a qualified professional. Our focus is on providing a high level of service, we will deal with your energy compliance requirements from start to finish, offering invaluable advice and arranging inspection and certification swiftly and professionally. A recent survey showed 100% of our customers would recommend Envitae. Contact us now to experience our helpful approach and excellent customer service for yourself.
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